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Posted by Princess Abigail on September 22, 2016 at 1:10 PM
Greetings and salutations to our beloved site members. I am writing this post about a major concern that will not only affect our site, but many other webs sites you may be a part of.
Webs has recently sent out an email stating that they will soon be getting rid of Site Builder 2 and forcing all sites into Site Builder 3. Many of you know that if webs does this we will lose things like our chatboxes (shoutboxes) and other tools that are a major support for a successful and smooth role-play site.

There is a petition going around, please take a look at it, sign it, and/or share to anyone who you believe may be interested/supportive. Do it not just for us here at Letum, but to support other communties that you may or may not be a part of. I have provided the link below:

We do not know when Letum will be affected by the force upgrade, but we have started planning for the future of the site. We staff members have agreed that Letum will be switching hosts. Regan and Sage have begun working on the new site and when it is ready we will reveal it to you all and give you time to adjust to the move (hopefully before webs switches this site on us). Sorry if this is an inconvienence to any of you. We wish we could stay here.

Thank you,

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Important: Please check out the new blog entry. It has very important information regarding the force SB3 upgrade.

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