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Regan Rose Bellecote

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Species: Half Human, Half White Witch

Body Description: 6 ft with long dark chocolate brown hair, and clear blue eyes. She has an hourglass figure and D cup size breasts, pale white skin and light rose coloured lips.

Skills: Dragon Trainer/Tamer, Archery, light sword skills.

Ranking: Low Class.

Job: Dragon Tamer / Farmer.

Birth Kingdom: Levia

Loyalties: Kingdom of Levia


Family: David Bellecote (Father; Alive), Elizabeth Rose Mcfathen (Mother; Deceased), Gwenivie (Little Half Sister; Alive)

Relationships: N/A

History: Regan was born in a farm house just outside of the kingdom of Levia to David Bellecote and Elizabeth Mcfathen, a scandle in the Bellecote family as they were unwed. Due to her mother being of a supernatural decent the Bellecote family refused to allow her to become part of their family. David and Elizabeth refused to let their family keep them apart and destroy the love they had for each other. After a year of being together and away from their families Regan was brought into the world. A child part human and part witch, looking just like her mother. Regan was spoiled by both parents as she grew older, being their pride and joy and the proof of the bond that no one could break. Regan took after her mother with her magical skills and as they grew with her age her parents decided to bring her to a place they kept hidden from most. Believing she was strong enough to handle such and important secret, Dragons. 

Elizabeths family had been intrusted with the last dragons that resided in Letum, the last ones that may reside in the world at all. As Elizabeth was the eldest daughter in her family, she inheighted the dragon sanctuary. Regan being 12 at the time of being introduced to these creatures, was afraid of them at first though grew to care for them as she formed a bond with them. Everything seemed perfect in their family, her father watching over the farm, mother teaching her magic, Regan herself grew stronger in her magic, though tragically on Regans 15th birthday Elizabeth suddenly collapsed passing away only hours later. It was unknown as to how she passed, it had come so suddenly they had no idea how she had passed. Her father had gone into a deep depression and unfortunatly Regan had to take control and watch over the dragons as well as take care of  her father.

Though the years had been tough without her mother, Regan stayed strong. Her father eventually coming to terms with her passing stepped up to help his daughter take care of the dragons. Though both do not believe she died of natural causes neither know were to go in trying to figure out what caused her death. Her father David after 4 years of the passing of his wife Elizabeth married a young farm hand that had come to work for them and soon had a daughter together. Though Regan loves her little half sister, she does not care for her step mother as she refuses to let anyone take her mothers place in her life.

FaceClaim: Bridget Regan

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