The Epicenter of Levia: The Castle

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Stone walls are drawn high, battered with nicks and semi-cracks from years of existing, yet stand proud and strong as they hold the castle within. Royalty and those with permission or standards to do so dwell within these walls, carefully spaced out in a small, encompassing circle. Homes and shops and trading posts create the inviting inner village, a prologue to the castle, which stretches far and wide - a testament to the kingdom's wealth. Ornate carvings are engraved in many parts of the castle's exterior, looping curves that signify aesthetics as much as history. Full of color and brimming with life and mystery, the center of Levia's vast kingdom is surely a wondrous place.

A Menagerie of Emporiums

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Littering the area just forth of the castle walls are numerous shops that are set up on either side of a cobblestone path. Places for pastries, herbs, boutiques, weaponry, and even sweets are strewn about in a strangely disorganized fashion, that only adds to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. More often than not many shops double as both a place to sell and sleep, the ground floor set up in typical market order, whilst the higher level serves as living quarters. It is an adventure in itself to walk through these places of wonder and variety. Yet, it is usual for one to grow weary as night dawns, and it is then that the lights of the Inn shine bright, and welcome all to a good night's sleep. 

Knightly Quarters

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Just in front of the castle's most inner gateways lies the home to the kingdom's defenses. Knights are proud and noble beings that work in many junctures of the kingdom, whether it be patrolling, assisting the royal family, or any other task befitting their status. This place serves as an area where the knights may rest and store their weapons and chain-mail after a long day's toil. You may find them simply conversing amongst themselves, or gearing for a training session - though either proves inevitably entertaining.

Training Grounds

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A clang of metal against metal resounds throughout this dusted and sandy enclosure, the first hit and shield to mark the beginning of a match that is sure to excite. This is where the knights of Levia train, in a circular arena with weapons racks and various noble emblems emblazoned on flags. Shouts, cheers, and screeches of sword striking sword fill your hearing, as the musk of sweat, leather, and fresh grass overpower any other scent. The knights are a cheery bunch overall, but the training grounds are a place of work, and you would do well not to interrupt.

Throne Room

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Tall arches soar above your head, bearing to a point and shaping the ceiling into a curve that makes this room seem so very large. Paintings that look so realistic they may as well be windows grace the far walls, hung in elegant, gilded frames of golds and silvers. The floors are a polished oak, rich in color and hues, that reflect the stained glass of the large windows in front. The air in this very room is enough to guide you to the realization that this is not simply another place in the palace. A pair of thrones stand at the far end of the room, seats of deep velvet and an edge of luscious gold, with sweeping backs that cry royalty. This is the Throne Room, the area in which meetings are held and citizens may come to request an audience with the King and Queen. It is a beautiful place, and always open to those who might come. 

King's Manor

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Halt, you cannot tread past this door. Why? These are the King's personal chambers, a luxurious ensemble that is fit for one of His Majesty's rank. Spacious rooms that blend together are held within; a bed clothed with silk covers and curtains of velvets, large armoires filled with elegant suits and dressings, vanities for both the King and his Queen laced with all that they may require. It is lavish and comfortable, the needs of their Majesties met however and whenever, and unless you are invited by the Royal family or are a member, you may not enter.


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