Caeleste is a fairly busy kingdom with quite the growing business between neighboring kingdoms and itself. So between visiting nobles and trade ships, it is known for the docks to be bustling with everyday activity. But you better watch out, for it isn't all friendly foes whom you will meet swarming these seas. Occasionally, pirates are spotted looting other ships.


 From one dock to another these wooden planks stretch, supported upon beams set firmly into the sea ground many feet below. Each crisscross its neighbor, ensuring safe passage for visitors to unload their cargo to dry land. It is advised to stay clear during a storm for high waves make the wood slippery and therefore dangerous.

The Strand

 Just beneath the cliff's lip there lies a strip of sandy land, not quite reached by the water's surging waves. This strand stretches all along half the island on which Caeleste sits. It is a good place for couples to get away or thieves to hide from whom they stole from. It will always be damp from sea spray and is completely submerged during storms.


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At the time, we are not accepting supernaturals in Levia. The kingdom is supposed to be a mostly human kingdom. Once we have more humans we will start allowing supernaturals back into the kingdom. Sorry for any inconvenience.  

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