Please feel free to join as a species even if it is not listed below! This guide was merely created to help in case someone does not know what to join as!
  • Angel: a spiritual being represented in human form with wings
  • Banshee: usually female, whose wailing warns of impending death
  • Black Eyed Beings: take human form, have black soulless eyes, and emanate a sense of evil
  • Demon: malevolent spirit
  • Elf: typically a small, elusive figure with pointed ears, magical powers, and a capricious nature
  • Fairy (Fae): usually takes the form of the fairest humans, have magical powers, noted for their mishief and malice
  • Giant: supersize human
  • Lycanthrope (Werewolf): humans that turn into wolf-like creatures, especially effected during a full moon
  • Mermaid(Man): half human, half fish
  • Oracle: a person whom a deity is believed to speak to
  • Vampire: drinks blood to survive, has long pointed canines
  • Shapeshifter: humans that can take the form of an animal with maintaining consciousness
  • Siren: man-eating beautiful, usually, women
  • Sorcerer: a person who claims to have magic powers
  • Witch: a woman with evil magic powers


Important: Please check out the new blog entry. It has very important information regarding the force SB3 upgrade.

At the time, we are not accepting supernaturals in Levia. The kingdom is supposed to be a mostly human kingdom. Once we have more humans we will start allowing supernaturals back into the kingdom. Sorry for any inconvenience.  

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Members please remember to pm a staff member your character information so we can add them to the appropriate kingdom. We really do not like to hunt for the information on profiles. 

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Available High Ranks:
Nobles (Levia & Caeleste)