The Villages of Levia

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Sweeping hills of emeralds, limes, and clovers spread across a vast expanse, starting from the ends of the stone castle, and unfurling in waves of grasses and flora to the distance beyond.While the castle is the epicenter of the Kingdom, the surrounding plains hold many villages in the Levia territory. Close knit groups of cottages and farms are splashed across the grassy sea, dotting the landscape with thatched roofs and makeshift structures. The villages are home to many denizens of Levia, warm and welcoming. Perhaps you might stop at one whilst traveling, or settle down between twin cottages - the villages of Levia are always happy to invite one more.


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An arch of bundled hay and straw greets you as you approach, the sunlight that never seems to fade casting a glow on the yellow hues, faintly reminding you of home and comfort. Thatched roofs and walls of an odd assortment of stone and straw bring forth an interesting vision, with animals scattered about and barrows stationed on sides. The village of Eoferwic is the largest of all, a populous started ages past, that has grown with travelers that only meant to pass by. The people are happy here - rising with the sun and retiring with the moon, they lead a simple life, but it is all they want.

Stables & Barns

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Soft neighing catches your attention, toning down the braying that soon follows. The oddly fitting cacophony of sounds leads you to find a roughly constructed stable, stretching a ways to hold space for horses, whether they are the villagers' or a passerby's. Stalls of hays and the faint sweet scent of fruit and oats follows in your wake as you make your way to the end, only to find a large, mahogany establishment that is an iconic barn. Though you are sure to find a vast space of dirt and scattered straw, stalls housing farm animals and a hay loft that warms owls, you do not go in, for the smell to your untrained nose is nothing short of terrible.

Rolling Pastures

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Though the village is surely a village first, the folk of Eoferwic hold a reputation as the largest and most plentiful, and for all that they may be simple, they are prideful. Stretching pastures for their creatures to graze upon surrounds them, bright green waving as a sea, and often not without a cow or two. These pastures blend into fields of crops, separated by only a fence. Swaying stalks of corn, wheat, and ever so more offer spots of color, a wire of metal and barbs curling around the edges. The village shares a wall with the woods, and the fauna that house there are tricky creatures - they do so love to steal a bite or two.


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At the time, we are not accepting supernaturals in Levia. The kingdom is supposed to be a mostly human kingdom. Once we have more humans we will start allowing supernaturals back into the kingdom. Sorry for any inconvenience.  

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