The full story is still in the works but here are some things we felt everyone should know for role-play. Some information may be tweaked as the full story is figured out.
  1.  Once a long time ago Letum was one prosperous kingdom where humans and the supernatural lived together and were ruled by the ancient Trevelayne family - a supernatural house.
  2. Over decades the humans began to feel less superior to the supernatural and feared their power. Small human rebellion forces began to emerge throughout the Kingdom of Letum and overtime the humans developed an army against the supernatural.
  3.  The Trevelayne family - fearing a war that could destroy Letum - eventually signed a treaty with the humans allowing them their own territory in Letum. The Kingdom of Letum split into two kingdoms. The Trevelayne family continued to rule the first kingdom, which became known as Kingdom Caeleste, where the supernatural still live, along with some humans who do not fear their power. The second kingdom became Kingdom Levia and the Reinalds family was elected to rule, taking in humans who also hated and feared the supernaturals.
  4. Throughout Levia, supernaturals who remained on the land were hunted and killed by the humans until those left had to go into hiding - appearing as a human to avoid execution. The two kingdoms had yet to live tension-free beside each other and, now with the butchering of the supernaturals in Levia, tensions spiked higher; however, Caeleste could not interfere because of the treaty.
  5. Many members of Caeleste, against the Trevelayne's orders, began breaking into Levia and smuggling out supernaturals that were scheduled to be executed. As a warning for interfering in Levia's business, King Barret Reinalds ordered that Queen Juliana Trevelayne be assassinated. 
  6. After finding his beloved wife murdered, King Major Trevelayne made sure to return the favor, and had Queen Elisato Reinalds assassinated.
  7. After the assassination of both queens the two kingdoms are at the brink of war.