How to Join:

All you need to do to join is simply create a character and pm a staff member. In the pm you need to include your characters name, age, species, kingdom, rank/job, and faceclaim. Please be sure to include if you want your character to have any magical component to them so that a staff member can approve it. Once you have pmed a staff member you can begin role-playing immediately.

 If you wish to join as a member of any royal or noble family you must get permission from the head of the household. 


  1. We would like this to be an advanced role-play; however, we are accepting of everyone and happy to help with your growth and development as a writer. We do not want to see mary-sues, gary-stus, god-modding, and powerplaying.
  2. Be considerate of everyone on the site. Be nice to new and amateur members. You may get along with some members more than others, but please try not to ignore anyone.
  3. Respect all members and their characters. Do not force ships or plots. Try to be open to new ideas!
  4. Swearing is allowed so long as the person you are role-playing with is comfortable with it and will not take offense.
  5. Keep relationships in the shoutbox pg-13. Move to pm if you would like to continue in detail.
  6. Magical beings and a wide range of species are not only welcomed but encouraged on the site, just be sure to get your character approved by a staff member!
  7. Have fun!


If you have any problems please don't hesitate to talk to us! Links to our profiles as well as our chatango names have been provided.
Site Owner: Regan (Cheesenstein)
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Head Admin/Editor/Site Donator: Abigail (kaylawaylaa or arrryaaa)
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