Please feel free to join as a species even if it is not listed below! This guide was merely created to help in case someone does not know what to join as!
  • Angel: a spiritual being represented in human form with wings
  • Banshee: usually female, whose wailing warns of impending death
  • Black Eyed Beings: take human form, have black soulless eyes, and emanate a sense of evil
  • Demon: malevolent spirit
  • Elf: typically a small, elusive figure with pointed ears, magical powers, and a capricious nature
  • Fairy (Fae): usually takes the form of the fairest humans, have magical powers, noted for their mishief and malice
  • Giant: supersize human
  • Lycanthrope (Werewolf): humans that turn into wolf-like creatures, especially effected during a full moon
  • Mermaid(Man): half human, half fish
  • Oracle: a person whom a deity is believed to speak to
  • Vampire: drinks blood to survive, has long pointed canines
  • Shapeshifter: humans that can take the form of an animal with maintaining consciousness
  • Siren: man-eating beautiful, usually, women
  • Sorcerer: a person who claims to have magic powers
  • Witch: a woman with evil magic powers